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If you like to watch SEOs argue (and who doesn’t?), you’ve probably noticed that there are essentially two types of SEOs. There is the “Content is King” crowd. Then there’s the links-are-the-most-important-strategy crowd. Almost all SEOs lean toward one end of the spectrum or the other.

I’ve always believed in both. Content and links, not one or the other. But my philosophy includes the necessary component that links are a form of content.

Only in that context can you truly say “content is king” if you believe that links are important tools for SEO.

It matters a great deal post-Panda.

Remember, the Panda update is the big “content farm” killer algorithm update that Google underwent last year. Big web properties, including many article directories, lost search engine rankings (and traffic) overnight. It caused a big ruckus among search engine optimization specialists all over the world.

And the problem wasn’t links. It was on-page content. But it was low-level content and that’s what Google went after.

If you believe that “content is content is content,” then you don’t understand the power of Google’s strong arm of the search engine law. Google has the power to kill your website at will, though they seldom go after individuals or particular sites. Rather, Google tends to incorporate changes to its algorithms that go after types of websites, or websites that pursue a particular strategy to game results.

So what should we learn from all this? Here’s the takeaway: Content is still king. But not just any content. Quality content.

Quality content is content that a searcher would consider answers the question they have when they conduct a particular search on one of the search engines. If you think about what those questions might be and seek to answer them with your content, then you’ll have a much better chance at winning in the search results.

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