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Search engine optimizers are a strange lot. Once we get an idea in our heads about how SEO ought to be done, it can take an act of Congress to have that idea removed. And I’m not being cryptic.

Most SEOs today will swear by the practice of link building, but there’s little evidence that an abundance of links will put your website at the top of the search engine results while a lack of links will keep your competition at the bottom. In fact, there are plenty of webmasters and Internet marketers who have risen to the top of the search engines doing very little in the way of link building.

That’s not to say that links aren’t important. But if you spend all of your time doing link acquisition the way it is taught in the popular SEO books of our day, then you will likely fail long term.

But link building is just one technique among many. Which SEO tactics you employ are not as important as the effectiveness of the SEO tactics that you do employ. If you want your SEO to push you up to the top of the SERPS, start by researching the keywords that your target audience is likely to use to make a search. Then write your content using those keywords without overdoing it.

Many SEOs fail because they think they have to target the most popular keywords in every niche. If all you want to do is rank, sure. But if you want to get your target audience to convert, then there’s a lot more to SEO than high search engine rankings.

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