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Ever since Google started  selling convincing AdWords campaigns to small business owners, newspapers have been in decline. Their advertising customers have been giving up the newspaper ads and doing PPC instead. The revenues have been falling.

I guess they’ve tired of that so now newspapers are selling SEO services. Is that a good thing?

I suppose for the newspaper, it is. But what about the customer?

There is one edge that newspapers have over professional SEO firms. They know their customers. And they can offer personalized local optimization services based on the needs of their customers. So I guess that’s two edges. But can newspapers perform SEO?

I think the only way that will work is if the newspapers employ SEO professionals on staff, or outsource the SEO work. Reporters are not SEO professionals. Advertising representatives are not SEOs either. So it seems to me that if newspapers are going to survive as SEO companies then they need to hire SEO experts. What do you think?

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