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One of the Web’s best tools for search marketers has seen its final days. Yahoo! Site Explorer is officially dead.

Yahoo! Site Explorer was the only free place on the Web that offered webmasters an opportunity to see what sites were linking to them and which websites were linking to their competitors. Just about every webmaster on the planet has used it and most used it on a regular basis. Even search marketers who cheered when Yahoo! got out of the search engine business have at one time sang the praises of Yahoo! Site Explorer.

Now that Yahoo! Site Explorer has died, webmasters have only one way to get link popularity information that is actionable intelligence.

You can sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools – and you should – but you won’t get the same level of information on links from either one of those sources. Neither Google nor Bing shares information on what links they are counting as good links any more. So the link popularity metric is all but dead unless you can get it from a paid source.

All webmasters should thank Yahoo! Site Explorer for being of service while it was alive.

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