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If you’ve had one eye on Gogole+ and the other trying to figure out why you’d try it, let me give you 11 reasons why you should try it. You don’t have to leave Facebook and Twitter behind, and you don’t have to spend all your time on Google+ checking out your friends. But if you run a business, Google+ can be your friend.

11 reasons to try Google+ now:

  1. Every time you use Google+ your Google profile rises in search. Give yourself more search prominence.
  2. Because Google+ is owned by the largest search engine online you can bet there will be search benefits in some fashion.
  3. There is a built in local component with the tie-in between Google Maps and Google Places and Google+
  4. You can use your Circles for better targeting of your prospects.
  5. Google+ business accounts are soon on the way.
  6. Sharing YouTube videos is much easier through Google+
  7. Google Picasa allows you to share photos easier through Google+ and you have unlimited photo storage.
  8. Google Hangouts.
  9. Google+ allows you to add hundreds of new people to network with one click through Circle sharing.
  10. You can set the privacy for each component of your Google+ profile.
  11. It’s easy to use.

So how many more reasons do you need? Google+ offers you the best in search and social. Try it.

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