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Social media optimization is not restricted to your blog, or to your profiles on social media sites. Taking those sites a step further can often make you look more professional while making your pages far more popular. You can enhance Twitter to a degree but you can really make your Facebook Fan Page rock by installing some handy applications. Here are a dozen of the best:

  1. Static FBML -If you want to customize your fan page then you’ll definitely need this application.
  2. Signup Form – Most businesses now collect email addresses for email marketing. Rather than sending them to your website, get their email address on your fan page.
  3. Promotions – This can be tied to Signup Form. If you run promotions of any description then this app will make life a lot easier
  4. Reviews – This is another must. If you have a local business listing then you can have Google Places import reviews from Facebook. More importantly, user generated reviews help give credence to your business.
  5. Twitter – Synchronize your Twitter and Facebook fan pages using this application.
  6. LinkedIn profile – This places a LinkedIn button on your fan page that links directly to your LinkedIn profile.
  7. Web Profiles – Why stop at Twitter and LinkedIn? Include details of your StumbleUpon, Digg and any one of a dozen other social media profiles – the more places you can connect, the better the connection.
  8. YouTube – Allows you to display videos from YouTube right there on your fan page.
  9. Networked Blogs – If you have a blog, or blogs, then attach them to your fan page using this app.
  10. Coupons – As the name suggests, create and distribute coupons using the Coupons app.
  11. FAQ Page – Always being asked the same old questions? Create a FAQ that answers all those questions.
  12. Clobby – This is really made for those that spend a lot of time on Facebook.  Clobby is a real time chat room app that let’s you communicate with visitors in real time while not clogging up your wall.

There are thousands of applications we could have mentioned. There are some that combine several of these apps together, however, they often lose a little functionality in the process. There are other apps which, while far better than those mentioned above, cost real money to use on commercial fan pages. YouTube Channels is one that is excellent, but it will cost you around $5 per month to use.

Boost your Facebook fan pages with applications that are suited to your business and you will increase your page’s appeal, and it help you to look more professional. Social media optimization is an ongoing process – you need to constantly review which applications you are using and what new applications are coming on board.

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