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That title may sound a little far fetched and, compared to Facebook, 17 million US Twitter users isn’t a lot. But then, it really does depend on what those 17 million users are actually doing. Edison Research has releases an interesting three year study on Twitter usage and the numbers are looking good for marketers.

When it comes to awareness, 87% of Americans are aware of Twitter (88% for Facebook) so the brand is out there. We all know that Twitter is growing at a fairly fast rate, but how valuable is it for your business? To begin with, two-thirds of Twitter users access the site using their mobile phone. This often means they are accessing information while they are out and about – that’s a great time to hit them with special offers if you have a bricks and mortar business.

Other interesting stats include:

  • 42 percent use Twitter to learn about products/services;
  • 41 percent user Twitter to provide opinions about products and services;
  • 31 percent use Twitter to ask for opinions about products and services;
  • 28 percent use Twitter to look for discounts or sales;
  • 21 percent use Twitter to purchase products/services; and
  • 19 percent use Twitter to seek customer support.

That data suggests that Twitter users are more open to receiving product information than perhaps those on Facebook. It also means that Twitter could be a valuable tool for keeping an eye open your competition. With 31% of users looking for opinions on products and services, you want your brand or business being recommended, not your opposition. If it isn’t, you do at least have an indication of what online marketing areas need a boost.

Twitter is small compared to Facebook, but it is still a valuable resource when it comes to marketing and getting your brand out there. It is also a great resource for spying on the competition. Can you afford to ignore it?

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