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Blekko, many people don’t know, is a search engine. Granted, it doesn’t have the popularity of Google or Bing in its favor, but it’s still a search engine worth noting.

One thing you should definitely know about Blekko and how useful it can be for you as a webmaster is that you can garner specific SEO data from Blekko. Some of that data you can’t get anywhere else, or you’ll have a hard time finding it if you try.

Here are two specific pieces of SEO data you can get from Blekko. Note, you have to sign up for a Blekko account to get the information.

  • Inbound links – Blekko isn’t the only place you can get a list of your inbound links. But the data it does have on your link graph is pure gold – and it’s free. If you want to analyze your backlinks, I’d consider using Blekko.
  • Site hosting neighbors – If you pay for shared hosting, then you have other websites on the same server as yours. What do you know about them? Just as in real life, you should get to know your neighbors. Blekko can help. The search engine will tell you who your neighbors are, then you can do a little digging and learn whether they are spammers or not. If you don’t like what you see, ask your host to move you to a new server.

To gain access to this data you have to login to Blekko and perform a search for Blekko will give you the SEO data you are looking for.

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