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Let’s face it. We live in a world where online social networking is important for the health of most businesses. Even local businesses. But you don’t have to keep your networking online. You can meet someone online and then take your relationship off line for a deeper, more enriching experience.

Here are 3 powerful ways to take your online networking off line for better results:

  • Meetup – Have you ever been to a Meetup? If not, then you should. This is the offline version of social networking. You can sponsor a Meetup or join one. Some social networks, like Twitter, have their own Meetups. Twitter Meetups are called Tweetups. You meet someone online, then you join others of like-mind in your neighborhood in a physical social setting.
  • Conference – Many niches and industries have periodic conferences. If you meet someone on Facebook or LinkedIn who shares the same interests as you, why not have a face-to-face with them at your next industry conference?
  • Foursquare – OK, Foursquare is not exactly off line. But it is. Kind of, sort of. You can meet someone on Facebook or Google+, then migrate over to Foursquare where you can tell people your exact physical location and, in just a few short minutes, they’ll meet you there. It’s a great way to set up ad hoc business meetings when you have a little downtime.

Your online networking may be social, but you don’t have to keep it online. You can take your online relationships off line, build them deeper, and keep on trucking.

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