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Facebook marketers, don’t despair. You can be effective in marketing your website through Facebook. Here are 8 ways you can be more effective using Facebook for your public relations efforts (courtesy All Facebook).

  1. Post your content on Thursday.
  2. Release your news releases early in the morning. If you wait until between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., you’ll likely fall below the shuffle.
  3. Instead of short URLs, post your content using the full link.
  4. Place a Like button and a Send button on your website.
  5. Get familiar with Edge Rank. This is Facebook’s algorithm, which is based on certain key words such as “today” and “limited time only.”
  6. Facebook is one of the leading sources of traffic for 21 popular news sites. Be diligent in sharing your content.
  7. Words like “most” and “best” are the most shareable words on Facebook. Also, words that explain such as “why” and “how” are shareable as well.
  8. Facebook is the best platform for making a video go viral.

Keep these tips in mind when sharing your content on Facebook. Social media is becoming more and more important and Facebook is the leading social media site for PR pros. Let your marketing shine with Facebook.

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