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How often have you said to yourself, “I wish I could track how many people are pinning the images on my website and how many people are seeing those pins?”

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve wondered when Pinterest would allow you to track that information and use that data as actionable intelligence. Well, wonder no more. Pinterest has announced that it does indeed now have an analytics dashboard for businesses.

To take advantage of Pinterest Analytics, you have to do four things:

  1. Set up a business account at Pinterest. You don’t have access to Pinterest Analytics as a personal user. You have to use it as a business.
  2. Switch over to the new look.
  3. Verify your website.
  4. Start tracking.

The three actionable data sets that you’ll be able to track through Pinterest Analytics include the number of people pinning your website, how many people are seeing those pins, and how many visitors you get to your website from Pinterest.

That’s all great information, but it’s not perfect. I expect Pinterest Analytics to improve as more businesses begin to use it and Pinterest gets helpful feedback from those businesses. I’d like to see the ability to get this actionable information for more than one website.

So there you have it. Pinterest Analytics, and now your social media marketing is getting better.

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