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Chances are, if you’re a strapping young man between 18 and 25, you know a few MILFNs – Moms I’d Like To Farmville Neighborize. They’ve dropped their overalls and moved on to Cityville to build a thriving metropolis instead.

That’s what moms are doing these days. They’re playing Zynga games. They’ve traded in their soap opera cards and started playing Cityville, Farmville, and Frontierville – the triumvirate of Zynga games.

So how do you reach this new gaming demographic? Bing bribed them with Farmville dollars.

In the last day or so, I saw a Cityville offer to plant some sweet potatoes for charity. That made me wonder if Zynga game product placements might be down the road. Will Cityville citizens get a chance to build a community building named after a famous Las Vegas casino? Or maybe they’ll get a chance to name their streets after famous celebrity personalities.

Social media optimization has reached a new milestone. No longer are you relegated to bookmarking your content on such sites as Delicious (which, rumor has it, was sold by Yahoo recently) and Digg. Now, you may have opportunities to reach the 25-44 year old female demographic through Zynga social gaming.

What’s next? I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be interesting.

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