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Technorati released its annual State of the Blogosphere report earlier this month and one of the standout statistics is that mom bloggers are steadily becoming strong influencers. Not only are they becoming strong influencers, they are turning their power into online businesses – successful ones at that.

Marketing experts have known for decades that moms are the key to many successful marketing campaigns. The belief in many marketing departments is that males have little in the way of brains when it comes to shopping, even for their own needs. If you want to sell a male a product, target the women in their lives – that was the mantra.

With mothers now taking to blogging, they are starting to wield some incredible power. In the days before the Internet, women, in particular mothers, would have get-togethers while the kids were at school and have, what many males considered to be, regular gossip sessions. They would discuss everything from little Johnny’s antics at school to what products they like and dislike. Now they are doing the same online except, instead of half a dozen mothers getting together, we have hundreds, if not thousands, reading these blogs – and I use the plural judiciously since most mothers regularly read more than one mommy blog.

Is there a message for business owners in this new environment? I think there could be. Mothers have been strong influencers for a long time. They are steadily growing in numbers when it comes to blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The future for many businesses will depend on how well they can connect with these moms, particularly through social media. Do it well, create a positive relationship, and they will most likely support your business. Do it poorly and there is a good chance your business will be mocked by this growing group.

Remember, moms have always had the ability to influence those around them. Now that they are starting to realize the power of the Internet, they are starting to flex their muscles and let their voices be heard – are you listening at all?

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