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An interesting report from Econsultancy shows that 40% of companies have “experimented” with social media. Is yours one of them?

This is an interesting figure because if these companies are just experimenting with social media then they probably aren’t getting very far. Social media is not something you can tinker with and see results. And you certainly won’t see any immediate ROI just from a little experiment.

There are very few marketing strategies that you can experiment with and hope to get real results. Social media marketing is another strategy that demands more than just a passing fancy.

In fact, I’d hasten to say that you’d be more apt to experiment with search engine optimization and see some results than to experiment with social media and see results. Tinkering with social media marketing is like “trying out dating” and hoping to get a spouse. If you find a spouse just by experimenting then you’ll be one lucky dater. And if you get any real business from experimenting with social media then you’ll be one lucky marketer.

Don’t you think it’s time you stop experimenting with social media marketing and get serious?

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