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A new report from Social Media Examiner details who is engaged in social media marketing, why, how they use it, and what benefits they are deriving by using it. It appears that small businesses and sole proprietors are making the most use of social media marketing and reaping the rewards in a big way.

The top benefits of social media marketing, as reported by those who are using it, are (in order of most beneficial):

  • More exposure for the business (88%)
  • Increased traffic to the website or subscribers (72%)
  • Improved search engine rankings (62%)
  • New business partnerships (56%)
  • Qualified lead generation (51%)
  • Reduction in overall marketing expenses (49%)
  • Higher number of closed sales (43%)

It’s difficult to argue with these results. If you are the type of person who looks only at the number of sales generated, you might look at this list and see a glass half empty. But look at the number again – 43%. That’s almost half the small businesses using social media getting increased sales. But look at the rest of the numbers.

Even if you don’t see more sales, increased exposure for your business is certainly a benefit. More traffic and higher search engine rankings are benefits you shouldn’t ignore. If you’re getting those and not getting more sales, then you might need to tweak your landing pages.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and small business owners who employ it effectively are getting huge benefits. We think you can too.

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