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Much has been said about blogging, even blogging as SEO. But are you aware that blogging also has a social component?

It’s true. In fact, blogging can be and should be your gateway to social media. Here’s how to make that happen.

First, remember that if you don’t produce content of some kind, then the only thing you’ll have to share is what someone else produces. Engaging with friends and fans online is good and sharing information that they will find valuable is good even if it is someone else’s content, but don’t neglect yourself. Share your own content too.

Create content as often as possible. Your blog gains search engine traction with every blog post. Searchers who find your blog via a search engines are on social media too.

Social media reinforces your content and your SEO.

By adding social media icons to your blog, you tell your readers that you are using the up-to-date marketing tactics online and that you are not self-enclosed. You are an outwardly-focused blogger. They’ll respect that a lot more.

The way to blog today is to create great content that people want to read, then push it out to social media. Go and find your readers, then bring them into your sphere of influence.

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