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Social Media Marketing just keeps getting better. The latest news is that a new Facebook app allows you to call any of your Facebook friends on your Android phone for free. Isn’t that nice?

Rumor has it that an iPhone app is on the way, and Skype is also in the process of developing a Facebook app.

Does anyone else see the potential in this?

Instead of relying entirely on your Facebook page, posting on your friends’ walls, and advertising to them with paid ads, you can just pick up the phone and call. You’ll have a direct line to their ear.

If you’re having trouble imagining how that might play out, think about this: You get an e-mail stating that someone wrote on your wall. It’s your friend in Saskatchewan and he says he has started shopping for an item that you happen to carry in your store. Why e-mail him, or Facebook message him? Why take the risk that he’ll miss your wall message? Instead of taking that risk, just call him and tell him directly that you have the product and close the sale while he is on the phone.

Of course, you can still post a message to his wall. He may not see it, which is the reason you want to call too. It’s another way that you, as a business owner, can leverage Facebook for better business. And I see this getting even better – not just for Facebook, but for all social media.

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