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If you use Pinterest, you probably want to know what kind of images get repinned the most. This article discusses that.

In summary, images that get repinned the most at Pinterest include:

  • Reddish-orange images. In fact, they are repinned twice as often as blue images.
  • Multiple dominant colors. Images with multiple dominant colors get repinned 3.25 times more often than single dominant color images.
  • Medium light images. These images are repinned 20 times more than very dark images. I have no doubt. A quick look at the two images on display should tell you why.
  • Vertical images. Here’s an interesting one not related to color. Vertical images between a 2.3 and 4.5 ratio get repinned 60% more than very tall images.
  • Images without background. Images with less than 10% background get repinned 2-4 times more than images with more than 40% background.
  • Brand images without faces. This one is the most surprising statistic of all: Brand images without faces are repinned 23% more often than images with faces. How often have you heard that faces in photos is a good thing? Evidently, not on Pinterest.

If you’re going to use a social media site – any social media site – then it helps to understand what works and what doesn’t work there. This article should give you some insight into what Pinterest users like.

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