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Two of the most powerful Internet marketing tactics long term are social media and e-mail marketing. They are even more powerful when you combine them. Here are 6 ways to combine your e-mail and social media marketing to make them work better together more effectively:

  1. Create a special offers landing page for your newsletter subscribers, then promote that offer on your social media accounts. Link to your landing page from your newsletter, but link to your newsletter opt-in page from your social media accounts.
  2. Add social media icons to your newsletter articles and encourage your newsletter readers to share your content on their social networks.
  3. Provide links to your social media profiles in your newsletter and invite your newsletter readers to connect with you on your social networks.
  4. Build a brand page on social networks like Google+ and Facebook. Be sure to include a newsletter opt-in on your brand page.
  5. Provide newsletter snippets on your Facebook sharing streams and link back to your newsletter in them.
  6. Pin your newsletters on Pinterest.

If you sync your social media and e-mail marketing efforts you will find that you’ll gain more followers on social media and get more newsletter subscribers. Your business will grow faster and your marketing will be more effective overall.

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