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Gaining traffic from social media is one thing, converting that traffic into dollars is quite another. One of the hardest tasks for any new business is that of converting traffic into sales.  Terms such as ‘targeted traffic’ is often mentioned in this context and it is one of the most important starting points. It’s not the only issue to consider, however.

There are four components to consider if you want to convert traffic from social media to sales. These are:

Context: The context of your content is important. You can provide content on a social media site that sparks and interest in finding out more about you, or you can provide content that sparks an interest in buying your products or services. They are both important. The first can help boost your brand and reputation, but it is the second we are interested in here – providing content that sparks an interest to buy.

Landing Pages: Once you have sparked that interest to buy you must have a landing page that closes the deal. To begin with, you may need several versions of the one landing page and a system that tests each of those pages.

Split Testing: One of the most under-utilized components of marketing is split testing. Often, this involves having several different landing pages then testing each one under similar circumstances. This provides an insight into which landing page has the highest conversion and profit rates.

Tracking: Being able to track a campaign is equally important. You need to know how well it is performing, what sort of conversion rates you are achieving, and what factors may be affecting your conversion rates.

Social media optimization is becoming an important aspect of online business. It’s no longer good enough to have lots of traffic. These days, you needs lot’s of the right sort of traffic – that is, traffic that converts in sales.

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