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I am often intrigued at the lack of foresight shown by some online entrepreneurs. If you visit their website or blog, you will find links to their social media presence standing out proudly (as they should). Visit each of those pages or profiles, and there’s hardly a mention of any of the other social presences. Social media optimization is just that – optimizing your social media presence – and that includes cross promoting.

So, why should you cross promote? Do you want your followers on Twitter also following you on Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, or any other social site where you have a presence? It may seem like you’re marketing to the same person twice, however, it is the social nature of these sites that is important to your social media marketing efforts.

People who follow you on Twitter are not necessarily going to have the same follows on Facebook, or any other social site. It is their friends and followers that you are also marketing too in the hope they will start to follow you, and perhaps become customers as well. By cross promoting, your friends and followers will most likely follow you on those other sites as well – and all with no effort from you.

Cross promoting your social media presence is a quick way to build your presence on a wide range of sites. The flow-on effect can be huge as friends of friends join you on one site then follow through to join you on a second or third site. The growth in your follower list can be quite viral – and all because you took those extra moments to cross promote your social media presence.

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