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You know those Twitter Tweet and Retweet buttons? Did you know you can develop your own using Twitter’s API? It’s true. Twitter now has its own Tweet button and you can take it right off the shelf or develop your own. Get details here.

Mashable first broke this news a couple of weeks ago.

The good news here is that you can have your tweets and retweets counted by Twitter itself and not some third-party plug-in or application. There’s nothing wrong with those third-party applications, of course. But if you can get the same deal from the primary source itself, wouldn’t you like to have that deal? I would.

I think you may, over time, see some of those third-party tweet buttons go by the way side. As more users start to notice Twitter’s own Tweet button then I can see more users opting for it over the other applications. And there’s a good reason why.

What do you think? Is Twitter beginning its rise to dominance over social media marketing with its own Tweet button or this just much hype over nothing?

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