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Evidently, if you mention Twitter on Facebook then you’ll be ignored like the plague. That’s what HubSpot said today in a webinar.

By contrast, if you mention Facebook on Twitter then you’ll be retweeted. Mention Twitter on Twitter and you are more likely to be retweeted. Mention Facebook on Facebook and your status updates are likely to live on forever.

So does that mean you should start talking about Facebook more on your Facebook status updates? Not necessarily. If it isn’t relevant to you or your audience then don’t do it just because you think your updates will be shared. Instead, look for other words that your Facebook audience will seize upon and share with their friends.

One hint is the word “video”. If you use the word “video” in your status update on Facebook then your update is more likely to be shared by a huge percentage. On Twitter, less likely.

This just illustrates the differences between the audiences on these two social networks. Facebook has more of a mainstream audience whereas Twitter has more of a tech-oriented audience.

When it comes to social media optimization, the key is to know your audience – and to know the network.

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