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Constant Contact published a recent blog post telling online marketers how to convert their Facebook profiles into a Facebook page, but there’s the overriding question of … why would you do that?

Actually, there are several good reasons why you might want to do that.

The first reason is this: Facebook has a rule that businesses can’t use personal profiles. If you are publishing commercial content as a business through a personal profile page, then Facebook could delete your profile without warning and you’d lose all your friends and all your content.

Beyond that, there are other benefits to having a Facebook page.

First, pages are public, and you can easily share them with your friends. Your freinds can easily share and like them too. Basically, Facebook pages are so public that anyone can share them.

You can also run promotions on your Facebook page and organize your content in a way that makes your business look more professional.

Finally, Facebook has a metrics section for pages that allows you to see what your most engaging content is. You can see the reach of your content, how many people are talking about it, and see how many people have liked and shared it. You gain access to data on Facebook Insights after 30 likes. This alone makes a Facebook page a necessary component to your online marketing.

If you are operating a business as a personal profile on Facebook, switch it over to a Facebook page today.

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