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Back in September Facebook outlined its Timeline feature. Yesterday, Timeline went public.

Timeline has been billed as a new way to use social media. Instead of the traditional profile, your entire life story will appear as photos, videos, posts, stories, and whatever else you post on Facebook. There are two ways to get Timeline right now.

  1. You can go into Introducing Timeline and click the green “Get Timeline” button at the bottom of the page; or
  2. You can wait until you see an announcement at the top of your profile.

If you’re in a hurry to get your Timeline active, go to Introducing Timeline and get started. But beware. You have 7 days to review your Timeline and remove anything you don’t want to be seen publicly. After that, it’s live and you won’t have a choice any more.

Now the question is, can you use your Timeline for your business? And the answer is, Sure, why not?

The Timeline can essentially be used the same way you currently use your profile for business. The difference is you can now include prominent photos and videos. Everything you upload or post will go into your Timeline. That includes business-related and personal. This could be a great tool for sole proprietors, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Facebook is moving forward. Are you?

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