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Late last year Facebook introduced Timelines for personal Facebook accounts. Now, they’re introducing Timelines for brand pages.

This is going to be a good deal for businesses. That’s small businesses as well as large brands. For one thing, the Timeline format is more attractive than the traditional wall. And secondly, you and your page visitors can see a history of your brand at a glance. That’s cool!

Practically, you have a lot of control over your Timeline. You can pick your header image, which means you can make your Facebook brand Timeline an attractive marketing tool. You can also add key dates to your Timeline to show key events in your business’s history. You can also choose the content that is featured at the top of your Timeline – social apps and whatnot. And finally, you can feature any social media campaigns you happen to be running.

So, the question is, how will Facebook Timelines for brands work for brands. And the answer is, pretty much like they always have. Except now they’ll be more attractive.

With your own Facebook brand Timeline, you can position your company and all of your products brands to an ever-growing Facebook audience. If you engage your audience meaningfully through your Facebook Timeline, then you can parlay that into more traffic for your website and more sales conversions. You can take orders right from your Facebook Timeline.

If you’re ready to embark on a real Facebook marketing campaign, then you should consider a Facebook Timeline for brands. If you already have a brand page, you can convert it to a Timeline now or wait until it happens automatically on March 30.

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