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If you’ve been measuring your Facebook analytics on a regular basis and observing your data religiously, then you may be disappointed at the recent news that Facebook has updated how it measures Reach through Insights. This recent announcement says Facebook is going to begin measuring Reach by the number of people who scroll down on your page and actually load a news story.

What? You mean that’s not how they’ve been measuring Reach? No, evidently not.

This is rather startling news when you consider that Facebook Insights has been active for a while now. And marketers have been relying on it for information regarding their brand page engagement, but this recent change in addition to the announcement that Facebook is now going to start including mobile views means that your Reach data has likely not been very accurate until now. Essentially, it means that your historical data is completely worthless.

You might see the announcement that mobile views will now be included in your Reach numbers as good news, but my question is, Why wasn’t it included before? Facebook’s announcement doesn’t tell us.

I hope that this data helps you and that you are able to use it to improve your social media marketing. Otherwise, you’ll be operating on inaccurate data.

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