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When most people think about geolocation services they think about pinpointing a particular business or landmark on a map. To be sure, that is one method of geolocation. However, a new type of geolocation service is becoming more and more popular.

Since smartphones are gaining in popularity, many people are starting to use geolocation services that tell where they are located at a specific time.

For instance, if you’re sitting in a Starbucks in your town, you can use the geolocation service to tell your friends and fans precisely where you are. Then they could find you on their smartphones and meet you right there. Is that useful?

Yes, I think so. Not just from the perspective of a consumer or citizen looking to meet up with other citizens, but also from the perspective of a business owner.

If you own a business where people tend to congregate or meet in large numbers, then why not place a QR code in your store window so that people can scan it with their smartphones and make geolocation easier? Better yet, place an upright brochure on each table in your restaurant or at strategic locations within your business with that QR code prominently displayed and see how your customers use geolocation services to bring you more business.

All it takes is a nudge. If you simply offer your customers an opportunity to spread the word about your location and about your business, then you’d be surprised how geolocation services can give your business a boost.

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