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It’s just been about three days since Google rolled out business pages for Google+. Already, some people aren’t happy.

It’s not that people don’t have legitimate beefs. They do. Google+ can certainly improve. In fact, many users agree on the top 10 things they’d like to see on Google+.

But let’s get real. Google+ will improve.

I don’t remember a time in its history when Google didn’t make an attempt to continuously improve a product or service it introduced to the public. They may not have succeeded, but they tried. The company has a long list of failures, particularly in the social media realm. But they always try to improve what they’ve made available to users. That’s the way Google operates.

I for one believe that Google+ will improve. Business page for Google+ will improve. There’s no reason to go crying that we haven’t arrived just yet. Perfection is a nebulous goal.

The big question that every business should be asking right now is, Do I need a Google+ account or a Google+ business page right now? I think it’s safe to say that you will likely want one at some time. When you jump on the Google+ bandwagon is up to you and your staff. But now is the time you should start discussing it.

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