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Today is Twitter’s seventh birthday. ABC News thinks you should celebrate.

In fact, the news website lists seven ways you can celebrate Twitter’s birthday today. I’m guessing they picked seven ways out of a hat to parallel the fact that it’s Twitter’s seventh birthday. As a summary, here are the ways they suggest you should celebrate:

  1. Relive your best and worst tweets
  2. Make sure your Twitter account looks good
  3. Clean up your follow list
  4. Play around with some fun Twitter sites
  5. Add a video with your tweet with Vine
  6. Teach someone how to use Twitter
  7. Tweet the article

Don’t you love that last one? A little self-congratulatory, aren’t we, ABC News? Maybe a little bit narcissistic?

To honor Twitter’s seventh birthday, I decided to come up with my own list of seven ways you can celebrate Twitter’s birthday today. Are you ready?

Here’s the Reciprocal Consulting list of seven ways to celebrate Twitter’s birthday:

  1. Create a video for your tweet with Vine (hey, a good idea is a good idea)
  2. Follow seven new people
  3. Find seven things to retweet
  4. Create seven new links to tweet related to your business niche (but make sure they are not self-promotional)
  5. Link to your own website once during the day
  6. Tweet your location from your smartphone
  7. Wish Twitter a happy birthday in a tweet

Twitter can either be fun or a total drag. Make it fun. And use it effectively for your business.

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