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A new Forrester study seems to indicate that fewer marketers are creating new content on social media sites. To define what this means exactly, Forrester created a Social Technographic.

It breaks down like this –

23% of social media users are blogging, creating content for websites, uploading videos, music and audio and writing articles and stories and posting them online. That’s the content creator category.

But most social media users, it seems, are critics, conversationalists, joiners and spectators. What should you make of this?

As a content creator, you provide the content that others criticize, discuss or watch. It’s good that there are more of the latter categories and less of the creator category. That’s the way you want it, right?

If you understand your end users and how they interact on social media websites then you can better create content that they will like, share and help go viral. That’s what SMO is all about and it starts with knowing who you are, what you have to offer and who your audience is.

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