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Within the Social Media sphere there are plenty of tools and methods that one can use to promote themself or their business, or someone else’s business. While each method may have its particular advantages, no single one of these can have the full effect without the others. Generally speaking, these types of effective SMO can be categorized as such:

  • Authority
  • Networking
  • Content Creation
  • People Skills
  • Technical

This is in no way an official list that SMO’s go by, but a general illustration of the breakdown of different ways one can use Social Media for marketing purposes.

  1. Authority – While this is not the easiest way to accomplish one’s marketing goals, being or utilizing a voice of authority on a given topic or within your niche can be a key player in directing users to your site. Whether it be an actor, musician, artist, someone within their 15 minutes of fame, or a silly teenager dancing to techno, these people have one thing in common – when users see mention of their name or work, they will flock to any content including them. If one is able to properly utilize this type of draw, it can do wonders for a website looking for traffic, as long as that traffic is targeted.
  2. Networking – It might seem redundant to insist that the “Social” Media community should interact and communicate with one-another but believe it or not, a lot of people forget that Social Media was created for this purpose. A key factor in the success of a Social Media campaign is the ability of you and/or your site to network with users. On-site interaction doesn’t hurt, and actually being a face in the community when representing said site is important as well.
  3. Content Creation – While a “celebrity” status or a good group of contacts might reel people in, without rich on-site content, your visitors may not stay for long, and with attention spans the way they are these days (thank you “here and now” technology!), it is vital to hold the attention of your viewers. This sort of Social Media Optimization isn’t as much of the “hunt and gather” type, but more the homemaker in the grand scheme of things. Invites may have been answered but if the house is a mess and entertainment is lacking, people will find another party to attend.
  4. People Skills – This end of the spectrum is less focused on the technical aspects of SMO, but important nonetheless. There are plenty of people (many of whom are likely bloggers) that create quite the draw to their writing, photography, art, or whatever, simply because they entice visitors to come to their site. A daily joke, a “what makes me mad” sort of daily report, or a fine piece of poetry – these things aren’t about content so much as how they make visitors feel. Good content and informative reading can keep a user around, but those who crave some sort of satisfaction from their visit might feel unrewarded for clicking that link that led to your page. Of course, this brand of people skills extends into the networking end of things as well. You can know every member on MyBlogLog, Twitter or Digg, but if you never have anything wonderful to say, these contacts of yours will likely ignore your shouts, tweets and updates.
  5. Technical – At the end of the day, all the well wishes, clever stories and funny pictures won’t do any good if people don’t get exposed to you and all your hard work. Knowing which tools to use, and when, may very well be the make-or-break for you. Sure, you might get lucky by submitting a good article to a news site, but having the knowledge of just a few of the available tools is far better than a few shots at the “big time”.

For anyone interested in utilizing the Social Media spectrum, let it be known that this is no easy task. Months of preperation can go into properly organizing a SMO campaign, and it is a daily chore to keep up with the methods involved. On top of all that, there are always changes being made to the sites used, and just as quickly as a site can rise, it can fall if not properly monitored. It is probably best to let an Internet marketing firm such as Reciprocal Consulting assist you in such an endeavor.

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