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Are you tired of social media How To posts that start off by telling you to write a killer profile? What else are you going to do? Of course you’re going to add a profile to your account. That’s what you do when you join a social media site. You tell people who you are. It’s a no-brainer, not some flash of brilliance.

One article I read gave a list of ten things to make your Twitter account stand out. In a nutshell, here’s the sage advice:

  1. Set up a professional profile (As opposed to an unprofessional one?)
  2. Stand out from the crowd (You mean, like, tweet in your underwear?)
  3. Indirect mention (Because influencers are so oblique)
  4. Ask for help (You know you need it)
  5. Help others (They need it too)
  6. Listen (To the sound of silence?)
  7. Be consistent (Why not? Inconsistency is sooooo bad.)
  8. Participate in Twitter chats (Not a bad idea, actually)
  9. Use hashtags (Yep, I agree with that one)
  10. Retweet your followers for influencers (Because influencing the influencers is the most important thing)

There’s actually some pretty good advice in there, and that’s the problem. It’s the same old advice that “Twitter experts” have been giving for five years. Nothing new, really.

So I’d like to give you the down and dirty How To Twitter advice you won’t get anywhere else. It’s a one-step process. You don’t have to memorize 10 dos or don’ts. All you have to know is ONE thing:

Be Yourself

You won’t get any better social media advice than that.

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