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It is becoming increasingly more important to have a multi-dimensional approach to using social media. Strictly posting about your company or brand or using social media for SEO purposes isn’t enough. There are other ways to use social media and grow your business, including:

  • Holding contests
  • Solicit feedback on new product lines
  • Monitor brand mentions
  • Organize events
  • Handle customer service issues

Only 46% of small businesses are using social media for customer service.

I agree with those who say that you are not as followable on social media if all you do is promote self-centered posts. Posting about your new product offerings or listing your products and services might be of interest to some followers, but if that is the extent of your posting, then it will wear out quickly. You can round out your social media by posting more third-party news sources, tackling customer service issues, and polling your customers to see what other products they might have an interest in. You can even go so far as to plan and schedule special events.

There’s no limit to what you can do with social media. I encourage you to branch out and get more diverse with your interactions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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