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88.3% of consumers in a recent survey said they’d be “somewhat less likely” or “far less likely” to buy from a company that ignores complaints on Facebook. The survey included answers from 500 respondents. Nevermind the margin of error. With numbers that huge, it’s a moot point.

The fact is, if you are ignoring social media, then you are killing your business.

I’m not necessarily talking about using social media for marketing purposes. If you have no interest in Twittering, engaging with customers on LinkedIn, or participating in the Facebook slamdance, then don’t. I think you could benefit from some social media marketing, but at the very least you should engage in social media monitoring.

Social media monitoring is when you watch the social networks for mentions of your brand to see what people may or may not be saying about you. Then, when someone complains, all you have to do is show up and respond. In many cases, the fact that you even bothered to respond can go a long way to building consumer trust.

Don’t ignore your customers on social media websites. If they complain and you don’t answer you will likely lose business. And from there it will be a slow slide into oblivion.

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