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Meetup is a website that allows anyone to start a group around a particular interest, take in members, and manage the group on an ongoing basis. It’s simple, really. Meetup is the platform that allows you to organize the group, but it’s important to point out that all the legwork involved in managing the group is still in your hands.

Meetup does charge a fee to organizers. You, in turn, could charge a fee to your members or meeting attenders, but if you are using Meetup for business purposes, then you might not want to do that. So what is the benefit of using Meetup?

Your primary benefit for using Meetup is that you have a popular platform. People looking for a group that meets around a common interest have been trained to search for such groups at Meetup. That doesn’t mean you can’t use other online sources for promoting your meetings. You can still advertise your meetings on Craigslist, local websites such as your daily newspaper classifieds, and industry websites. But Meetup is very popular and gets a lot of traffic from people who are looking for groups to attend. is social media at its best. People have not given up on meeting in the real world, but often you will find that they being searching for real world events online. Meetup allows you to advertise your off-line events to an online audience that is continually growing.

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