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I’ve head of Twitter being called social media, but I’ve also heard people say it’s not social media. So which is it?

I think it certainly has some qualities of social media. I mean, you can follow people and they can follow you. You can directly contact individual users, send private messages and make lists of your favorite Twitterers. There certainly are some social media qualities.

But in other ways Twitter does not resemble social media. For instance, you can follow people who never follow you back and you’ll both get along fine. Or vice versa. You can have people follow you that you don’t follow back and everyone’s still cool. Your public messages can be broadcast to hundreds or thousands of people with no reciprocation and no response. You can still be effective on Twitter as a mass publisher.

But which strategy is most effective for Twitter? Is the social media strategy where you connect and interact? Or is it the non-interactive strategy where you simply publish and expect no responses?

Personally, I think that’s a question that every Twitterer has to answer for him or herself. There seem to be people on Twitter making both strategies work quite well. The bottom line is, What works for your business?

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