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Twitter is the latest fad in social media, only it’s not so much a fad as it is a new development and it seems to be taking over. I think everyone knows it. John Battelle certainly does.

I think the interesting thing is that Twitter has finally offered something for small businesses. It isn’t much. But it’s something. A subdomain.

The subdomain currently has an introduction book for Twitter targeted to small business owners. So instead of spending $25 on that e-book for the total stranger, start with the book offered by Twitter. It’s an html book so no download and it’s free. You can get your introduction to Twitter straight from the company.

Beyond that, however, there are some things that you do need to know about Twitter. It isn’t Facebook and it isn’t Google. It has its own little personality. It’s own game rules. They’re not hard to learn, but you don’t want to break them. After reading the introduction offered by Twitter, find out about the ground rules from a consultant who knows Twitter and social media just like they know small business.

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