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You’d think that the way some people talk about Twitter that it’s huge, huge, HUGE. But it’s not that huge, really.

When Bill Gates joined Twitter in January of this year the service reached overcapacity in just a short time. The same thing happened when Oprah Winfrey joined last year. That sounds to me like it’s too small.

Twitter is growing in popularity and every day it seems that another celebrity discovers the service. But few of them actually tweet about anything really worth hanging on your seat over. Ashton Kutcher rose to Twitter prominence fairly quickly as have several other celebrities. But we average Joes have to do it at a steady, even pace.

Twitter does have its purposes. It can be fun. And you can drive traffic to your website rather quickly. If you have enough followers. But you do have to be careful of the “I’ll follow you if you follow me” crowd. There’s not a lot of value there. There is value, however, if you attract a lot of followers who like you because you’re you.

Twitter may not be too big for its breeches, but it is big and getting bigger. And it looks as if it will be a powerhouse of a marketing vehicle. What do you think?

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