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Video marketing has been popular for several years now and if you took a look at YouTube you may think it’s all fairly saturated.  You could be right, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that video marketing is not for you. We are reaching a point where quality is starting to count. In the past, you could put together a video using a web cam and still wow people. For business purposes, it’s no longer good enough.

That doesn’t mean you need to employ a professional video team. It just means you do need to create videos that look and feel a little more professional. So is video marketing worth pursuing for your business? Consider these points:

  • Do you have something to say? In other words, can you put onto a video what you have put down in words? For most businesses, the answer has to be yes!
  • Would a video provide value to your visitors? If you have any ‘how to’ instructions on your site then a ‘how to’ video should be your first consideration. If you don’t have ‘how to’ instructions – could you?
  • Can your products or services be shown to better advantage through a video? In most cases, seeing a product in use, in moving pictures, can be a great selling aid.

I could go on of course, but I think you get the picture there. Almost every business could gain some advantage by incorporating video marketing. However, I did say that YouTube was looking a little saturated. The mistake there is in thinking ‘YouTube’. Don’t – start to think blog, website and Facebook. These are ideal channels for displaying your videos. YouTube becomes simply the store room for your videos. If you gain any traffic from YouTube, so much the better.  Is video marketing worth pursuing? If you can put together a decent video – it most certainly is.

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