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I signed into my Klout account and saw this message:

We’ve improved the Klout Score to continue giving you the most accurate and transparent influence measurement online. As of today, your Klout Score and history will reflect these upgrades. Here’s what’s new…

After clicking the Next button, Klout informed me that they are now using more sources to measure influence, including Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and +K (they weren’t already using +K?).

This video tells us that Klout is now using more than 400 signals from 7 networks and more than 12 billion inputs per day. That’s impressive. But does it accurately measure influence?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Klout’s latest update is what they are calling Moments. Moments is a lot like Facebook’s Timeline except that it’s a mash-up of what Klout considers your most important updates from the networks it monitors. Unfortunately, not everyone has Moments yet. A message tells me that all users will be upgraded this week.

Klout still has not started monitoring Quora, Posterous, Yelp, Disqus,, and several other networks. These networks have been in the Coming Soon category for quite some time.

So, back to accurate measures. Does Klout accurately measure your influence? It depends on what you mean by influence. The Klout model is still largely a mystery. Some people rely on it religiously while others hardly pay it any mind. Personally, I think Klout has a long way to go. It’s getting better, but I wouldn’t rely on it alone as a strong measure of influence. Consult it, but don’t take it as social media gospel.

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