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Influence is a measure of your ability to affect others, either for the positive or the ill. Klout is a social media metrics company that attempts to measure influence across a broad range of social media. They’ve recently announced a change in how they measure influence.

The question, are these changes good or bad?

Some people are reporting a drop in Klout score. These are usually social media marketers who started with a high score – in the 70s or 80s. Other social media marketers – mostly those with lower scores – are reporting an increase in their influence. Klout is claiming the changes make its scoring more accurate.

I guess time will tell whether that’s true or not. In the mean time, do you know your Klout score?

I’ve been pretty impressed by Klout. It determines a score of influence based on the number of people you reach, how much you influence them to take actions such as Liking, retweeting, and sharing, and how influential the people you influence are. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a darn sight better than most other social media metrics I’ve seen.

It makes me wonder, though, will we soon be making decisions about who we follow on social media based on their influence scores? I hope not.

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