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Social media optimization can be a difficult process for some businesses.  If you have little in the way of social media experience, then simply knowing where to start can be hard enough. I see a lot of Facebook Fan Pages created by businesses, yet they look and feel incomplete and really do the business more of a disservice than provide any benefits.

Social media marketing is an all or nothing form of marketing. You cannot set up a presence then walk away. If you are going to become involved in social media, then do it, and do it well. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a look around you at some of the successful social media players. The leading brands can be a good place to start as they have had the budgets to play around with various options until settling on those that work.

If you look closely at these major brands, you will notice several common activities – these are obviously working for them and may well work for your Fan Pages as well. Some of these common activities include:

  • Regular entertaining content – those are three important words –
    • Regular as in publishing something every day of the week,
    • Entertaining – there’s a word that surely speaks for itself
    • Content that is interesting, entertaining, interactive, or making an offer
  • Interaction – no matter how big your brand is, people want to be heard and acknowledged. Set aside a small amount of time to respond to those who have left questions or made statements. There’s no rule that says you need to answer each person individually. Major brands often respond to a group of people at once, not always mentioning names, but discussing the common issue.
  • Interactivity – there is one area of social media marketing that is bringing people back every day, and that is interactivity. This can take the form of interactive games and quizzes. In fact, online games are one of the major reasons users keep coming back to sites like Facebook.

You may not be able to incorporate everything on that list. However, you should be able to supply regular content that is interesting and entertaining, and you should be able to set aside some time for interaction. Major brands employ whole teams to cover these activities, but with millions of fans, they need them.

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