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I have no doubt you’ve likely heard of Twitter, but have you heard allows anyone to become an instant publisher by creating a daily newspaper that republishes tweets based on the publisher’s preference. When you establish a newspaper on, you choose a set of keywords and triggers that uses to find information to publish in your daily newspaper. Then, when each issue is published, it tweets your newspaper with @mentions of all the news spotters who have contributed to your edition. It’s an awesome social curation tool.

Social curation is something new. It essentially means that you “curate,” or compile, content from the Internet inside of a social media platform. is the perfect example.

You can benefit from without being a publisher. All you have to do is continue tweeting interesting links and publishers will pick those up and run them in their newspapers. How does that benefit you? A lot.

As a news spotter, you get an instant profile on No need to even sign up for an account. Your profile lists all the stories that you find and tweet which get picked up by publishers. Through that, you can gain new Twitter followers and even more readers to your blog. From that, you hope more business.

With and Twitter you have the potential to create all the social buzz you can handle.

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