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One of the problems with Facebook Pages has been the lack of personal interaction. You could interact, but it was always as the administrator and this tended to depersonalize any relationships. Facebook Pages have gone through another mini-evolution, and one of the changes introduced is the ability to switch between your admin role and yourself.

No one wants to discuss anything with an admin.  Once you, or one of your staff members, start to interact using their real identity, conversations take on a degree of realism – suddenly there is a real person there.  Facebook have taken this facility a step further and now allow you to Like and post comments on other Facebook Pages. This will become an important feature for those businesses that have more than one Page, or who want to connect their visitors with services related to their business.

Included in the changes to Facebook Pages are a new layout and the random display of images. The latter is a negative in some ways given the creative use of images in the past.

For users looking to build a brand, and who wish to interact with their visitors, the ability to switch from admin to yourself is by far the biggest change – and for the positive.  By putting a face to comments on your Facebook Page, you are increasing your credibility while at the same time creating a human connection. Everyone knows that the admin is a human, but by using the term ‘admin ‘the perception is of someone unknown, someone not willing to show their face. You can now prove to the world that there is a real person interacting on your Facebook Page.

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