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If you own a small business and you’ve been wondering how you can take your business online to Pinterest, your prayers have now been answered. In other words, you can now set up a business account on one of the fastest growing social networks online.

Pinterest is highly visual. You can pin your favorite photos and that has the potential to drive new customers to your business website. Not only can you pin photos, but you can also pin videos.

And you can share, re-pin, and like the photos and videos posted by other users.

Until now, Pinterest has encouraged individuals to use its services. They’ve only tolerated business users. Recently, however, Pinterest has set up a business subdomain and now allows businesses to set up brand pages, allowing them to convert their current accounts if they have them. I highly recommend that you do this.

If you are a business currently using Pinterest, it would be a good move to convert your account to a business brand page. If you are not on Pinterest and you have a lot of images on your site, or videos, then I’d encourage you to join Pinterest and start pinning.

Don’t delay. The future of your marketing plan starts right now.

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