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Is the Internet about to explode onto television screens? Some will argue it already has and the technology has certainly been there for a while. There are a lot of gaming enthusiasts that hook their computers up to the wide screen TV, sit back, and enjoy the gaming experience right there on the big screen. But what about general surfing?

A couple of months ago we discussed Google TV and how it promises to change video marketing. Today, we’d like to offer an alternative view.

Google TV May Not Be A Game Changer, After All

So far, the Google TV concept has met with little enthusiasm from the general community, and judging from many of the statements made through social sites, internet and the television could remain separate entities for some time. There are a couple of areas where television and the Internet clash. Consider these issues:

  • Many users multi-task; that is, they surf the net, chat on Facebook, write their blog posts, or read their emails; all while watching their favorite television program.
  • Many homes only have the one large television set and most family members would take a dim view of one person monopolizing it to surf the net.
  • Most computer users are comfortable with monitors a foot or so away from their eyes. Using the computer with the screen four or five feet away will take some getting used to.
  • While new technology is being picked up quickly, cross technologies have a lower pick up rate. Just look at the user rates between mobile phones and the Internet. While growing, it is not growing as fast as some first predicted. The Internet and TV could face the same resistance.

Do our two views of Internet TV clash? Are the contradictory? We’ll let you decide. But think about this:

The Internet will come to TV, however, it is likely to be a slow transition. There are steps you can take to optimize your web pages for TV, but it may well be prudent to take your time so that the finished results look good. There’s certainly no rush to go out and optimize your web sites tonight.  The fact that your site may need some custom web designing for television could also be a factor to consider. If you’re going to do it, do it right.

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