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Social communities are a dime a dozen, but existing ones are not always the best ones. YouTube, for instance, has a lot of competition. Some of the competition even bills itself as an alternative to YouTube, like the conservative-leaning political video sharing website QubeTv.

The big question is, should you join one or start your own. And the answer is “yes”. Or, more friendly, “both”.

There really is no reason you should shun other social communities, even if they compete with you. If you find a social community that fits in with your niche and you can see value in connecting with people through that community then you should join it. But you don’t have to limit yourself to that community. If you see some shortcomings in that community that can be rectified with one of your own then feel free to start your own. There are benefits to doing so.

Some benefits to starting your own social community are:

  • You become the owner, you set the rules
  • As the owner of the community you can brand it
  • Owners of social communities become experts in their niches
  • It’s another vehicle through which to sell your products and services
  • You can earn revenue through social communities in other ways
  • Being the owner of your own social community means people will want to build a relationship with you

Of course, managing a social community is hard work and time consuming. But the benefits can be worth the expense and the hassle. Still, it’s just one way. Join a few other communities in your niche to get a feel for what the playing field is like before starting your own.

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