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The Internet is in a constant state of change. Sites come and go either through mergers or acquisitions, or sometimes just folding. Recently, Ubermedia purchased social bookmarking website Mixx, which is now not live.

Now the news is that Ubermedia could be purchasing Tweetdeck with intentions to compete directly against Twitter in the microblogging space. Would that really change things a great deal?

It would certainly change things for Ubermedia and Twitter, and of course Tweetdeck users. The question is, would Tweetdeck users remain loyal to Twitter or would they switch to Ubermedia’s competitive site? Would they have a choice to continue using Twitter and Tweetdeck, or would Ubermedia’s competing site simply be another option? Those are tough questions.

I’m of the opinion that competition is always a positive, but when it threatens to divide loyalties, someone is going to lose. The question in this case is, who? As long as it isn’t social media users, I think the aggregate value is a positive for the marketplace.

What is your take? Are you a Tweetdeck user? How would you respond if Tweetdeck suddenly became an app that posted to a Twitter competitor and wasn’t allowed to interact with Twitter? Or what if the competitor was an option tacked on – would you continue to use Tweetdeck?

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