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Metrics are one of the most important aspects to doing business online. If you don’t measure your results then you can’t analyze them or change them. That’s why it is important to measure what you are doing and how it is helping (or hurting) you. This is true in social media as well as search.

One of the things that you want to measure in your social media strategy is your authority ranking. How do you stack up against your competition and how does the social marketplace perceive your brand?

Social media metrics is not about how many followers you can attract. It’s really about how influential you are and how influential your connections are. Here’s what I mean:

Most celebrities who start a Twitter account amass a large number of followers and many of them do it quickly. That doesn’t do much for their social media authority since most of their followers are Twitter users with low authority. That is, those users don’t follow to many other users nor do they have many followers themselves. Likewise, they don’t do much retweeting or posting of updates, which lowers their social authority.

In business, you want to attract followers who are engaging an audience themselves. You don’t want a large number of followers who are just there to listen. You want followers who are engaged. Why? Because they are more likely to retweet your updates and engage in conversation with you as well as about you with their followers.

When you start engaging in social media, pay attention to the authority of your followers. They will lead to increasing your own authority.

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